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Top 10 Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World

Butterflies are most beautiful, colorful & wonderful creatures in the world mostly seen in green places. Their fascinating & amazing colors attract us & beautify the nature. There are too many butterfly species in the world & its really hard to select top ten most beautiful & colorful butterflies among all. However we somehow managed to create a list of 10 most amazing, beautiful & spectacular butterflies depending on their attractive colors & beautifully painted wings. The beautiful rainbow like colors on their wings deserve our admiration. Let’s have a look…

10. Australian Painted LadyAustralian_painted_lady_feeding


9. Leopard Lacewingbutterfly


8. MonarchMonarch2520Butterfly


7. The Malachite Butterfly7024542-lg


6. Clipper Butterflyclipper


5. Peacock Butterfly9436484876_8a73febf7c_b

4. Paper Kite Butterfly paper kite butter fly

 paper kite butter fly

3. Blue Morpho Butterfly6a0133f2f53db3970b016764ae25c1970b-800wi


2. Emerald Swallowtail Butterflyswallowtail butterfly 7

swallowtail butterfly 7

1. Purple Spotted Swallowtail Butterflydarrell-gulin-the-purple-spotted-swallowtail-butterfly


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