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Susanne Holland Spicker
In the past when planning my beds, I always organized them with a specific color or colors in mind, with a few favorite irises, then added an assortment of several perennial plants that coordinated with, or enhanced the bed.The past several years, however, my passion for tall bearded irises has increased and I have planted additional irises that coordinate with each other, adding several to the beds. The upside is that this past season the beds were a glorious array of coordinating colors! The downside to adding more irises is that division must be done every 2-3 years in my beds because of closer planting. I still have companion plants of every kind, but the number of irises now outnumber the other perennials.

I have recently added some new irises to this bed.  The collage shows how I organize the iris in color schemes that are pleasing to the eye.  I've added ''CENTER ICE' and 'LIMERANCE' this year to this favorite garden bed.   I also m…

Iris Bloom Season in Northwest Louisiana Part II

by Ron Killingsworth
Earlier we looked at some irises and other flowers that bloomed this past spring in NW Louisiana.  The season was very late and when it finally turned warm, everything bloomed at once!  
"Flareout" is one of many doubles hybridized by Marving Grainger.  It has all falls and the style arms are usually deformed.

Dormon Haymon named this iris for Longue Vue House and Gardens in New Orleans.  It remains a favorite white iris and is a great garden iris.

This remains one of my favorite irises.  It grows well and has such nice green style arms.  The veining is very nice.  Richard Morgan produced a lot of great irises.

If forced to name my favorite Louisiana irises, this one would probably be at the top of the list.  It is a great garden iris and is simply beautiful.  And, what a name.  (Especially when Louisiana politicians are so well known for their "hush money"!)

We do not grow a lot of the species of Louisiana irises but I really like this tiny li…

Chi Diên vĩ- Iris

Chi Diên vĩ (danh pháp khoa họcIris) là một chi hoa có vẻ đẹp rất được ưa chuông, được trồng khá phổ thông tại vườn nhà,vườn bách thảo ở nhiều nước. Iris là tên được đặt theo vị nữ thần Hy Lạpcầu vồngIris, vì có nhiều loài, mỗi loài có một màu sắc riêng biệt.[1] Chi này có khoảng 260-300 loài.

Section Iris Iris adriaticaTrinajstic ex MiticIris albertiiReg.Iris albicans – White Cemetery Iris, White Flag IrisIris alexeenkoiGrossh.Iris aphyllaL. – Stool Iris, Table Iris and leafless Iris(including I. nudicaulis)Iris aphylla subsp. hungarica(Waldst. & Kit.) HelgiIris attica(Boiss. & Heldr.) HayekIris benacensisA.Kern. ex StapfIris bicapitataColasIris croatica – Perunika I.Horvat & M.D.HorvatIris cyprianaFoster & BakerIris flavescensDelile – Lemon-yellow Iris (= I. variegata?)Iris furcataBieb. – Forked IrisIris germanicaL. – German Iris (includes I. × barbata)Iris × germanica nothovar. florentinaDykesIris glaucescensBungeIris griffithiiBakerIris hellenicaDionysios Mermygkas…