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Cactaceae-Họ Xương Rồng

Rebutia -Xương Rồng

Species The number of species is similarly debatable, because of disagreement both over what constitutes the genus and what constitutes a species. A very large number of plants that have circulated as species of Rebutia are now generally regarded as varieties, forms or synonyms of others.[6] E. F. Anderson recognised forty-one species in 2001.[7] As of March 2013, the Plant List accepted only 12 species, along with a much larger number of synonyms and unresolved names:[8] Rebutia albopectinataRausch (synonym Aylostera)Rebutia atrovirens(Backeb.) Sida (synonym Mediolobivia)Rebutia deminuta(F.A.C. Weber) Britton & Rose (synonym Aylostera)Rebutia fabrisii Rausch 1977 Rebutia fidaiana(Backeb.) D.R. Hunt (synonym Weingartia)Rebutia fiebrigii(Gürke) Britton & Rose (syn. R. fabrisiiRausch) (synonym Aylostera)Rebutia heliosaRausch (synonym Aylostera)Rebutia langeri(J. Falkenberg & K. Neumann) G. Navarro (synonym Sulcorebutia)Rebutia margarethaeRausch (syn. R. padcayensisRausch)Rebu…




Species listDischidia acuminata Costantin-Song ly, Dây hạt bíDischidia acutifolia MaingayDischidia apoensis Elmer. (Philippines)Dischidia albida Griff.Dischidia albifloraDischidia astephana Scort. ex King & GambleDischidia australis Tsiang & P. T. LiDischidia balansae CostantinDischidia bengalensis Colebr.Dischidia calva PearsonDischidia chinensis Champ. ex Benth.Dischidia chinghungensis Tsiang & P. T. LiDischidia cleistantha Livsh. (Philippines)Dischidia cochleataDischidia collyris Wall.Dischidia cominsii Hook.Dischidia complex Griff. (Philippines)Dischidia cornuta Livsh.Dischidia cristataDischidia diphylla ElmerDischidia dolichantha Schltr.